About us

Estancia Olga Teresa is placed in the midst of a very large community called Río Verde, 78 km northwest from the city of Punta Arenas, in Magellan´s region that includes Chilean Antartic.

In this beautiful Chilean Patagonian Estancia, you will be able to enjoy a normal day of sheep-handling plus an spectacular encounter with nature in a very friendly environment.


Since 2000, the family started with the tourism business.  Our passengers can admire the largest condor colony in our country, with more than 100 birds according to the latest study.


Also we offer a tour where you can enjoy the work of the sheep dogs with a flock and after that, the sheep shearing. Before lunch a visit to the stables of the farm to learn about the pure blood Chilean horses.


Meanwhile, our chef is preparing for you a delicious lamb roast on the spit, salads, beverages, Chilean wind, dessert and coffee.

And later say good bye with a little souvenir from our shop.

Visit us! We are waiting for you!

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