The airline companies that operate in the area are Lan Chile, Sky Airline and Aerolíneas del Sur. Flights come from Santiago de Chile (SCL) or Puerto Montt (PMC) to Punta Arenas (PUQ). Estancia Olga Teresa does not work with any individual transport company, therefore we recommend you to contact your local travel agent to make transport arrangements.



Depending on the program, you can enjoy a typical Patagonian lunch; Chilean barbecue with potatoes and salad prepared with homegrown vegetables. Before the lunch is served, we will offer you a traditional Pisco sour or red wine aperitif or non alcoholic refreshment with a home-baked empanada.



Estancia Olga Teresa is managed and run by its owners, who have a great knowledge and experience of the region. They have trained all their staff to be able to work and run the activities with safety and to ensure that there will be no inconveniences during your time at Estancia Olga Teresa.



Only the programs that include a visit to the Condor colony include a private transfer to the colony. These times will depend on each individual group. Any additional transfer service needed has to be organized with your travel agent, if you do not have a form of transport available.



In the Southern Patagonian region the climate is extremely variable. The temperatures during the summer months can vary between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius and can even reach 25 plus occasionally. In the evenings the temperatures can drop to 0 and below and strong winds are renowned in the region.

The weather in the Magallanes region is totally unpredictable you can never say how it will treat its visitors therefore we recommend that our guests come mentally and physically prepared for weather that could come what may and that you bring adequate clothing for the strong winds and waterproofs.


Group Size

Our programs require a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 120. If have a group that exceeds the maximum, it is possible to organize it, but we do require a reservation and confirmation at least 2 weeks prior to the date.



The water in Chile and in the estancia Olga Teresa is clean. We have never had a problem from a client drinking the water here. But if you wish, you can bring iodine drops or bring bottled mineral water for your day at the Estancia.



If you require medication it is your responsibility to bring it with you.



We recommend to all our clients that you bring a camera and plenty of film to take adequate amounts of photos. The Egstancia does not have the facilities to sell film and there are no places nearby to which you could by them.

If you have a digital camera, remember to have the battery fully charged and if possible bring a replacement and remember to have plenty ofROOM on your memory card.



If you bring a video camera or camera to take photographs make sure the battery is charged and that you have sufficient space to take plenty of photos and memory to film at length.