Plan 1: Condor Colony (Base Hill)


Throughout the planet, there is no other place so accessible, fast, and protected to see and photograph the largest flying bird in the world, the famous and majestic Andean Condor (Vultur Gryphus). Only 1 hour by car or bus from Punta Arenas, you can access the largest Condorera (Condor Colony) in Chilean Patagonia, which hosts an average of 40 to 50 Condors during the year. The Condor colony is located in Estancia Olga Teresa, Rio Verde community, Chilean Patagonia.

Our bilingual Condor Researchers will show visitors the condors, using a powerful telescope, and giving professional binoculars to each passenger. A normal visit involves a short walk, of less than 500 meters on flat terrain until below the rock wall of the hill, which serves as a roost for the condors. There are opportunities to take "trophy photos" through the telescope using your smarth phones, and standard format cameras.

The visit can be at any time of the day, having the highest probability of success from 3:00 pm onwards, when the birds return to the Condorera, to rest and sleep, after having fed themselves.