Plan 2: Condor Colony Premium (Up the hill).



Adventure at the peak of Cerro Palomares (Condors from above), ideal for sighting and a more demanding photography. This consists of going up via vehicle over Cerro Palomares and being able to photograph and contemplate Condors at the same height. Also, having the opportunity to fully observe the geography in a 360-degree view.

On this excursion, you must walk 300 meters and then descend a 45° slope of 50 meters, until you reach the area of photography and sighting, where each passenger can set up their tripods and cameras. The maximum number of passengers for this excursion is 20 people for security reasons. To access the peak of the hill it is necessary for the passenger to arrive in a 4x4 vehicle.

The best time for the sighting of Condors, both above and below the hill, is in the afternoon from 4:00 pm onwards.