Plan 5: Full show with lunch


We will offer our guest a demonstration of the work done by our sheep dogs and give a brief explanation about their origin and training. The show will be presented by one of the Estancia’s shepherds.

After that, we will visit the sheep shearing shed, where our guests will see a sheep being sheared and will also learn about the animals and will get brief insight of the treatment of the wool and the wool industry nowadays. The shearing will be done by a shearer who has been trained in New Zealand.

The show will continue with a visit to the crescent (large yard also called “Media Luna”) of theROOM where there will be a demonstration and explanation about the Chilean horse training. It will begin by revealing the origin of our Chilean horses, their evolution and adaptation to the geographical conditions of the country, their use in livestock tasks and finally their role in the typical Chilean Rodeo. It will also show the work of the horse to rein. Finally, there will be a demonstration of how the horse is trained for the Chilean Rodeo.

After that, our guests will be directed to the barbecue in order to enjoy the typical appetizer and the lamb roast as described in Program # 2.